Mixing Memory

Cognitive Science Tattoos

Over at his blog The Loom, Carl Zimmer asked people to send him photos of their science-related tattoos. So far, it appears that only one (here) is cog sci related. Anyone else out there have a cog sci-related tattoo?


  1. #1 Michele
    August 10, 2007

    Ooops – you have a broken link to your cog sci tattoo photo …

  2. #2 Chris
    August 10, 2007

    Ugh, thanks for pointing that out. Should be fixed now, but it’s hard to tell, because I’m typing on a 300 year old Mac that doesn’t do links well.

  3. #3 Phronk
    August 13, 2007

    Still broken. I think you have an extra quotation mark in there somewhere.

    I wish there were more cog sci / psychology tattoos! It’s pretty hard to think of purely visual representations of mind-things, I guess. I think a nice neuron could make a good tattoo, though.

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