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My Favorite Experiments: Bransford and Johnson

I’ve been busy as hell, so I haven’t had much time or energy to post anything lately. But I had an idea today that I thought I’d try out. There are a bunch of experiments that I really like for various reasons, and because I really like them and have described them so many times,…

I frequently hear people imply, if they don’t state directly, that two working eyes are required for depth perception. This is surprising because with a moment’s reflection, it’s easy to see that there are depth cues that don’t require both eyes. In fact, out of the many, many cues to depth that our visual system…

I’m Sorry, But This Is All I Can Say

Oh Dear God! See the The Neurocritic, or Thomas at BRAINETHICS, or better still, look away and pretend this never happened.

Visual Illusion Videos

Cool Stuff: And right now, I’m doing some stuff with motion aftereffects, so I’ve been looking for them all over. This one rocks (it’s even better if you watch it in full screen mode):

Animal Rights and Animal Research

So there’s a Behavioral and Brain Sciences paper in press on the cognitive differences between human and nonhuman animals that is related, in some ways, to my own work (it even cites me twice… yay, the citation count for that paper just jumped to, like, 4). The paper is sure to be controversial for a…