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Illusion Blog

Via Dave, I just learned of vision scientist Arthur Shapiro’s new blog, Illusion Sciences. Very cool stuff.

Instant Folksong

I can’t seem to stop listening to Music from the Big Pink, so now you have to listen to it too:

There’s No Such Thing as Repression

There’s a pretty good review of the literature on repression, a central concept in the pyschoanalytic tradition, and an important one in many court cases these days, in the current issue of The Review of General Psychology (via

This Is Your Brain On Free Choice

Last month, a paper was published in Nature, in which Kay et al(1) were able to guess which of their stimuli a person was seeing by looking at their fMRI scans. The model looked something like this (from Kay et al’s Figure 1, p. 352): The image the participant is seeing is on the left,…

Brandon on Zombies

Zombies have invaded the philosophy blogosphere, and Brandon of Siris, in providing links to all the other stuff, made some pretty strong claims that I was hoping he’d expand upon. And fortunately he has, in a follow up post that’s a must-read for those who are interested in this sort of thing. The post is…