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Connectionist Propaganda

“Connectionist Sticker Propaganda” by atomicity, some rights reserved. I may actually keep this picture up.

Fractal Expressionism?

Here is an interesting article by Taylor, Micolich, and Jonas (via Integrated Science) on Jackson Pollock and the physics behind his work’s appeal: This question triggers reservations from both scientists and artists. However, for the abstract paintings produced by Jackson Pollock in the late 1940s, scientific objectivity proves to be an essential tool for determining…

The Plight of the New Atheists

I’m sorry, I simply couldn’t resist.

Happy 4th

For the 4th of July I give you America circa 1995, in 4 minutes and 50 seconds, as seen through a Super 8, and with a soundtrack:

Turn it Up (O, Child)

Jonathan Rowe, over at Positive Liberty, posted a link to Ophelia from The Last Waltz. Because I’ve been a fan of The Band since I was a little kid, I’m upping the ante, with “Carivan” with Van, the Man, who just tosses the mic and walks off stage at the end:

Make Me Fries…

I’ve always really liked this song, but I’ve never understood a single word of it. Fortunately, some guy figured them all out for me: These are apparently the actual lyrics, but how would you know?

There Died a Myriad

Originally posted on the old blog on Memorial Day 2005. On Memorial Day, I’m always reminded of the poems of war because, perhaps more than any other form of literature, they paint of it a picture that is more real than romantic (except maybe in Tennyson). In particular, I am reminded of the poetry of…

My Son’s Favorite Song

Last night, I took my son to his favorite diner to celebrate the end of 3rd grade. Just before our dinner arrived, a song came on the radio and he stopped talking, listened for a second, and said, “Hey, it’s my favorite song!” This is what was playing: His revelation was timely, since today is…

Republicans and Sunspots

Someone over at Real Climate has way too much free time.

Fair Use

In case you haven’t heard about it already, fellow ScienceBlogger and neuroblogger Shelley has been threatened by lawyers for using images from a journal article in her blog posts. Now, I do this all the time (check two posts back), because the whole point of posting about research is so that people who probably aren’t…