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Back to real blogging soon, but before then, I wanted to post this. You probably saw a bit of this during NBC’s Olympics coverage, but the whole thing has to be seen. It’s one of the coolest things ever, though me being a huge Marvin Gaye fan might have something to do with me thinking…

In Chapter 3, we finally get to read all about the Strict Father and Nurturant Parent. I knew this was coming, of course, but for some reason, when I finally got to this chapter, I still felt surprised. I mean, at some point, you’d think he’d give up metaphors that even his own epigones can’t…

Worst (Science) Pun

After my call for puns, I got some really bad ones, but I think I may have found the worst pun ever, and its a science pun too (via

I was asked to post this. Judging by the list of presenters and the topics, it sounds like an interesting conference. Announcing the 34th annual meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology June 26-29, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Registration is now open; deadline Thursday, June 5 — 12:00pm EST Note that early registration…

The Media and Female Body Image

There’s a paper by Grabe, Ward, and Hyde in this month’s issue of Psychological Bulletin that presents a meta-analysis of 77 studies (correlational and experimental) on the relationship between the media’s presentation of (overly) thin women and women’s body image issues (from the shrink rap). The studies used a host of measures of body image,…

Instant Folksong

I can’t seem to stop listening to Music from the Big Pink, so now you have to listen to it too:

There’s No Such Thing as Repression

There’s a pretty good review of the literature on repression, a central concept in the pyschoanalytic tradition, and an important one in many court cases these days, in the current issue of The Review of General Psychology (via

ΔV, Dude

Just to show that there are no hard feelings between behaviorists and cognitive psychologists, we’ve created an R-W t-shirt: Here’s the back: I don’t know about you, but I think this t-shirt would be great for dates, parties, rock concerts, and weddings.

A Quick Explanation

Because some people seem to be misinterpreting what I was saying in the last post, and even arguing against it by suggesting that I should have taken the position that I did, in fact, take, let me summarize my points in a few sentences. The main point is that because I don’t feel like I…

It Got Me

At least I got the number of passes right. See it here, via Mind Hacks.