Molecule of the Day

Molecule of the Day

A US Army base in Utah was locked down for some time on Wednesday, because they discovered that they (transiently) misplaced a container of VX – a potent chemical weapon. Like they used in The Rock!

When you mix bromine with another molecule that has a carbon-carbon double bond, the bromine can add across the double bond. The bromine atoms are very heavy – about 80 times as heavy as a hydrogen atom, or 7 times as heavy as a carbon atom. Bromination usually gives you a molecule that has higher…

If you take or are close to someone who takes antidepressant medication, you’re probably aware that one class, the SSRIs, is particularly prone to causing sexual side effects. These effects can run the gamut from inhibition of libido, to erectile dysfunction, to a diminished or complete inability to achieve orgasm. It’s that last one that…

Wow. It’s not just anticancer drugs for dogs, there are also “lifestyle” drugs. They think they’re people!

A few months ago, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor anticancer drug for people, this month, one for dogs.

Ribosomal Free Love

Skip to ca. 3 mins for the magic. Using the dance idiom.

NNAL (Cancer pee?)

There are a number of tobacco-associated compounds that are formed by reactions of nicotine. Cotinine is a metabolite formed from nicotine in the body – it hangs around a relatively long time, so it is a good marker for recent nicotine exposure.

Going through emails, I came across a request from ASPEX to link to a scholarship they’re offering. $1,000 and “an opportunity to co-author a poster with ASPEX at Pittcon 2010.” If you are an undergrad thinking of applying for this, going to Pittcon might be worth more than the $1,000. You couldn’t ask for a…

Yesterday, I mentioned naphthoresorcinol as a reagent for aldehyde testing. Did you know: at one point during the Cold War, the Soviets used to put a certain aldehyde on American operatives in the USSR as a tracer?

Before the advent of modern spectrometry techniques (NMR and mass spectrometry), there was a compendium of tests to suss out what sort of things were hanging off a molecule. You took your stuff, added some eye of newt, and if black (but not white) soot rose up, you knew you had an arylamine (or at…