Cymatodera sp. Checkered Beetle (Cleridae)


photo details: Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens on a Canon 20D

f/16, 1/250 sec, ISO 100, indirect strobe in a white box


  1. #1 eric
    May 31, 2008

    The bumps/pits on the elytra – do they have a purpose like in the Stenocara sp. of Africa?

  2. #2 eric
    May 31, 2008

    Hmm… looking at the photo details – “indirect stobe in a white box” mean the strobe is in the whitebox or the beetle in a whitebox flash outside like traditionaly small product photography? Whatever the method the results are wonderful.

  3. #3 myrmecos
    May 31, 2008

    I have no idea about the elytral pits- I’d assume they help reinforce the rigidity of the elytra. Lots of different beetles have them.

    I’ve got a large cardboard box, entirely white inside, that serves as a little bug photo studio. I fire the flash inside the box and I get an even white light, as for product photography. This isn’t really a field technique…

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