desertorum4sTed Schultz writes:

Postdoc Scott Solomon has arrived here at the Smithsonian to work on the systematics and phylogenetics of Trachymyrmex and Acromyrmex ants and fungi. Scott has spent a fair amount of time collecting in South America, but we want to be sure that we have an exhaustive representation of species as well as multiple examples of species from across their ranges.  To that end, we’re contacting folks to inquire about whether they might have Trachymyrmex or Acromyrmex specimens that we can use in this project, particularly from undercollected localities.

Ideally, we require specimens preserved in alcohol for DNA extraction although it is also possible to obtain DNA sequence by non-destructively sampling dried (pinned) specimens as well, especially if they are recently collected.

We’d really be grateful for any material you might be able to share with us.



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Incidentally, Scott blogs his attine adventures over at The Ant Hunter.