Monday Night Mystery

What’s this charming creature?

Ten points for the first person to get the family name right, too.


  1. #1 Carol Peters
    February 8, 2010


  2. #2 The Geek In Question
    February 8, 2010

    Some kind of Ephemeroptera (mayfly) larva?

  3. #3 Yonatan
    February 8, 2010

    It’s a bristletail, so Archaeognatha, and I’m going to guess Machilidae but now that I’ve said it it’ll probably end up being Meinertellidae.

  4. #4 The Geek In Question
    February 8, 2010

    Nice one. I got hung up on the three tails and what my brain saw as “gills”…and thought the pic was snapped in an aquarium.

  5. #5 MrIloveTheAnts
    February 8, 2010

    A Ceti Eel, the last indigenous inhabitant of Ceti Alpha 5?

  6. #6 Ainsley S
    February 8, 2010


  7. #7 Pete Yeeles
    February 9, 2010

    Lack of scales on the antennae suggests Meinertellidae.

    Just spent a few months going through pitfall trap samples, and it was surprising how many of these popped up as bycatch.

  8. #8 cupi
    February 9, 2010

    Lepisma saccharina

  9. #9 Nat
    February 9, 2010

    No, I second MrILoveTheAnts.

    It’s definitely that thing Khan put in Chekov and the other dude’s ears.


  10. #10 myrmecos
    February 9, 2010

    Oh great. My blog is attracting nerds again. 🙂

  11. #11 Ted C. MacRae
    February 9, 2010

    I don’t know bristletail families, but I think Microcoryphia has priority over Archaeognatha for this order of insects.

  12. #12 Tim Eisele
    February 9, 2010

    “attracting nerds again”

    What do you mean, “again”? Shouldn’t that be “still”?

  13. #13 jtrager
    February 10, 2010

    No, that was something more like a doodlebug:

    (antlion larva)

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