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Bug Eric takes up photography

and gives us a list of photography’s advantages over specimen collection: You don’t need permits to take images. You can take images of wildlife and people (you can’t “collect” those!). Storage of images takes a lot less room than storage of an insect collection. It takes less time to prepare an image than a specimen…

Dreaming of the desert

It’s 6ºF (-14ºC) here in central Illinois.  Can’t do much about that, but here are some shots of warmer times and warmer places.

Look! Pretty!

Cicindela has been playing with scanners and saturniid moths, to great result: The original file must be huge!   Worth noting that Cicindela is taking a lead from Joseph Scheer, who first perfected the technique.

Dear Australia,

While you’re at it, why not just have a good old-fashioned book-burning?


Apparently either Jo-anne or I share a name with, or similar to, someone on the U.S. government’s secret terrorist watch list.  I can’t say which of us it is; no one at the airport is authorized to tell us that. All I know is we were prevented from checking in at the Tucson airport on…