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Have an ant question?

You’re in luck! Antweb has added an excellent blog to handle submitted questions. The answer squad is headed by myrmecologists at the Chicago Field Museum, and so far they’ve fielded queries about what ants do in winter, whether fire ants will reach the northern U.S., the difference between ants and termites, and several others. Send…

Martialis up on Antweb

Remember Martialis heureka? has just posted some new high-res images of the specimen:

The Ants of Paraguay now up at Antweb

Yesterday, the above photograph was uploaded to Antweb’s databases.   Platythyrea pilosula is the final species to be imaged for the Ants of Paraguay project, marking the end of a sporadic and meandering study that I started in 1995 as a hobby during my stint in the Peace Corps.  After combining several years’ worth of…