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The most ambitious arthropod phylogeny yet

The top-tier journal Nature doesn’t often deal in purely phylogenetic research. So when such a study graces their pages we know it’s big stuff. Yesterday, Nature published a 62 gene, 75 species analysis of the evolutionary history of the arthropods. Arthropods, as readers of this blog likely know, are animals with a chitinous exoskeleton and…

Monday Night Mystery

What’s this charming creature? Ten points for the first person to get the family name right, too.

Centruroides sculpturatus – Arizona Bark Scorpion I have a hard time getting worked up over stuff that happened 25 years ago. But here’s something that still angers me every time I think of it. One of those educational safety movies we were shown back in grade school- you know, the “Stop-Drop-and-Roll” variety- presented the dangers…