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Sunday Night Movie: Swimming Ants

From “Life in the Undergrowth“, perhaps the finest insect documentary ever made, a scene featuring Australia’s intertidal ants: A few years back I traveled through northern Queensland with myrmecologists Phil Ward and Gary Alpert. Having heard about the aquatic abilities of these ants, we searched for them in a mangrove forest just outside the Cairns…

Sunday Night Movie: Driver Ants Mating

A short clip from the BBC program “Ant Attack” [youtube=] Driver ant males are astoundingly strange creatures. They are larger, more muscular, more exaggerated than most other male ants. The reason is likely linked to the behavior shown in the above video: males must first be accepted by a gauntlet of choosy workers. A classic…

Sunday Night Movie: Army Ant Roll Call

[youtube=] (From BBC’s “Walk on the Wild Side“)

From the BBC’s excellent, if overly dramatic, wildlife unit: [youtube=]