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The Phantom Ant of the Florida Dunes

Paratrechina Nylanderia phantasma Archbold Biological Station, Florida Here’s an ant I almost didn’t notice.  Paratrechina Nylanderia phantasma is one of the least known insects in North America, active at night and restricted to a particular type of sandy soil in Florida.  Workers are only a couple millimeters long and the color of sand.  In the…

Ants of Archbold

The Archbold Biological Station hosts 100+ species of ants.  Here are a few of them.

I spent last week in central Florida at the Archbold Biological Station. Archbold preserves 5,000 hectares of Florida sand scrub, some of the last remaining patches of an ecosystem now largely lost to agriculture and strip malls.  The sand scrub is an odd place, a fossil beach from when sea levels were high enough to…