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Picked Clean

Via GTDA comes this mesmerizing time lapse video demonstrating the efficiency of ant recruitment: [youtube=]

Flash is a necessary evil in insect photography. This necessity is due to two unfortunate traits shared by most insects: small size and stubborn unwillingness to sit still for the camera. These traits confound each other in a way that renders insect photography uniquely challenging. Small subjects need to be close to the lens, placing…

New Species: Mystrium maren

  Mystrium maren Bihn & Verhaagh 2007 Discoveries of new species on our little-known planet continue apace. The two known specimens of the impressively toothy Mystrium maren were collected in 2001 in Indonesia, and Jochen Bihn and Manfred Verhaagh just published a paper in Zootaxa describing this ant and another new species, M.leonie. Source: J.…


PZ Myers gives an excellent holiday gift suggestion for aspiring scientists: a microscope. To fully appreciate the small animals around us, they must be visualized on their own scale. For the uninitiated, the first glance of live insects through a microscope can be shocking. My favorite description comes from myrmecologist Deby Cassill, recalling her introduction…