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Sunday Night Movie: My Directorial Debut

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hMGbHcvHIo] Here’s something new. Instead of trawling youtube to find the Sunday Night Movie, I’ve made my own. Click above to watch the compressed version, or if you have a speedy connection click here to see it in full HD glory. I spent the afternoon experimenting with the video capabilities of the new Canon EOS…

The tip of the trap

One perk of being at a research university is the opportunity to shoot the various study organisms on campus.  These subjects are interesting– they have to be, or they wouldn’t be studied- and when the research goes public I get the chance to disseminate my photographs with the science media outlets that cover the story.…

Trap-jaw ant photos at myrmecos.net

I’m on a roll!  Myrmecos.net has a new series covering several species of trap-jaw ants: Go see!

Odontomachus coquereli – Madagascar Myrmecology continues to lead the way in online taxonomy. Today saw the release of the very first taxonomic paper published by the top-tier open access science journal, PLoS One. Brian Fisher and Alex Smith combine alpha taxonomy with DNA barcoding to produce a revision of the Malagasy trap-jaw ants. The revision…