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Will Open Access inhibit innovation?

Last week was Open Access Week. At the risk of sounding like a stick-in-the-mud, let me play devil’s advocate to the blogosphere’s near-universal celebration of Open Access (abbreviated, OA). Thus: I don’t think most OA advocates have thought deeply enough about long-term implications. First, though, what is Open Access? 

PLoS and Creative Commons

This morning I had to deny a scientist permission to use my photos of her ants in a paper headed for PLoS Biology.  I hate doing that.  Especially when I took those photos in part to help her to promote her research. The problem is that PLoS content is managed under a Creative Commons (=CC)…

Odontomachus coquereli – Madagascar Myrmecology continues to lead the way in online taxonomy. Today saw the release of the very first taxonomic paper published by the top-tier open access science journal, PLoS One. Brian Fisher and Alex Smith combine alpha taxonomy with DNA barcoding to produce a revision of the Malagasy trap-jaw ants. The revision…