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My article on Mirror Neurons

My Scientific American Mind article on mirror neurons is out, and includes some amusing and apt photographs and art. Mirror neurons, as the story explains, are motor neurons that fire not only when we perform an action (like reaching for an apple) but when we see someone else perform an action — or even, as it turns out, when we read, think, or hear about someone performing that action. This mechanism, discovered about a decade ago, seems to underlie much motor, social, and even cultural learning.

You can read the story here or buy the digital version online via Scientific American Mind.


  1. #1 Rachel
    August 25, 2006

    I am currently running a research experiment investigating the effect of parkinson’s on sufferers’ ability to judge weights effectively. Mirror neurons are a vital part of my explaining the data I have received. As I am only just 17 I have been finding it very difficult to get my head around the journal articles explaining the relevance of mirror neurons in this study and thus present my findings appropriately. Having understood bits and bobs of my experiment I lacked the fluency to explain it by means of a write up. You article re-introduced me to the functions and relevance of mirror neurons in a style that would have surely fired my MN’s… Thanks!

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