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In my preceding post, about Eli Lilly pressing primary-care physicans to prescribe the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa for elderly dementia, I meant (but forgot) to mention a blog that is following the much wider Zyprexa saga of which this “Dementia is the message” scandal is only a small part. The eminently readable Furious Seasons, written by a reporter who like tens of millions of Americans is, as the author puts it, “a long-time psych patient,” follows psych and psych-med issues with great energy and insight; its Zyprexa Chronicles are particularly energetic, and give a hint at how deeply and broadly the marketing craze drives Big Pharma.

Furious Seasons also recently pointed out another notable link: The Last Psychiatrist tying up, in one sticky, perjorative knot, psychiatry, Time, and our growing societal and individual narcissism(s). Good stuff — and a splendid customization of the recent Time cover:


from The Last Psychiatrist


  1. #1 Daniel Haszard
    December 21, 2006

    At a glance,zyprexa was promoted ‘off label’ to uses that weren’t FDA approved.This opens up a can of worms for patients like myself took it for PTSD for which it was ineffective and moreover gave me diabetes.

    True,leaked documents don’t convey the ‘whole picture’ but what is compelling is that zyprexa is the 7th some say 5th largest drug sell in the world and Eli Lilly’s #1 drug sale by their own admission.
    This is for a drug that won’t get you “high” cost $2.50 a pill and only indicated for less than 1% of the population.
    Hello! Somebody in Lilly land is pushing zyprexa hard-Daniel Haszard

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