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Very Short List and Cognitive Surplus

Great Discoveries, High/Low Culture, Short Sweet E-mail

A couple months ago I became a subscriber to Very Short List, an email list that sends you just ONE web link a day, 5 days a week, as a way of clueing you in to something that is both good and overlooked: Might be a movie, a web site, a blog, a book.

I’ve now become a (modestly) paid “advisor” to a new VSL email sub-offering, VSL Science, a science-only version of the same daily email. The Shirky talk on Gin, Television, and Cognitive Surplus in my previous post is today’s VSL Science offering, and it was something I managed to stumble over and offer up in my advisor role. It’s a fun list to get, so you might want to subscribe (free) and see if you like it. In any case, from time to time I’ll include a VSL Science or other VSL posting here, just as I post other items of note I bump into around the web.

Update (later): I subsequently became one of two writers — Jonah Lehrer is the other — for VSL Science.