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From the “Where Do They Find the Time” Dept, via Clive Thompson’s collision detection:

Chinese scientists unveil “the anti cloak” — technique for defeating invisibility shields

Okay, the war over “invisibility cloaks” has officially begun. A team of Chinese scientists have just announced that they’ve figured out how to defeat invisibility technology — and render “invisible” objects visible.You may remember the famous experiment in 2006 in which Duke University scientists created an “invisibility cloak” — a wave-morphing shield that allowed them to render an object mostly invisible to microwave beams. (Check out a video of their original demonstration here; it’s pretty cool.) This generated endless news stories that breathlessly invoked Harry Potter; more hilariously yet, it set off a mini-boom in researchers frantically working on their own invisibility cloaks.

And you thought they just did this stuff in Batman movies.

More at collision detection.

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