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Twitter is f’ing retarded

That’s not me talking. I’m just saying reporting — or linking, anyway, to:

twitter is fucking retarded.

With due apologies to Clive Thompson, whose writing I like, and who


  1. #1 mary
    December 21, 2008

    wow, you gave Twitter an extra special honor. It’s not just retarded, it’s f’ing retarded. How do you even know the difference? I think people who use the word retarded as slang just don’t get it. They probably are out there screaming for other causes like “Save the Whales” or “PETA” but wouldn’t stop to think for a second about how their words hurt and demean people with special needs. You know, the ones you called “retards.” It’s not about free speech, it’s about having a little decency for a group of people just doing the best they can. Wish I could say that about you.

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