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While some have chided Michael Hirschorn for offering the Huffington Post the as the most promising template for replacing print newspapers, another candidate Hirschorn mentioned has been strengthening its bid to combine access, clout, and experience with a Media 2.0 agility and energy (as recommended by top self-appointed MSM/blogosphere observers). Talking Points Memo just launched TPMDC, a DC office, and just substantially strengthened its DC bureau by adding the print-journo veteran Matt Cooper, most recently of Portfolio.

The premise is simple. Though the phrase is endlessly overused, tomorrow is genuinely a new day in American politics. A new Democratic president, expanded Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate no longer encumbered by its earlier dependency on incumbency and legacy of solid South. And all of this beginning in a climate of genuine national crisis. We want to understand it. And we believe we are uniquely placed to chronicle the story.

As we have in every other project we’ve undertaken, we’re doing this in partnership with you. We need your tips, your insights and your critiques. So if you’re in the new administration, keep us posted on what you think is happening. And same to all of our reader-sources on Capitol Hill. And most importantly for our readers not residing within the Capital Beltway, we need your insights and perspective. We want to dig into the details of what’s happening, understand the complexities and messiness of the city without becoming captive to its often insular mentality. In it but not of it

It’ll be interesting to see how this expanding and highly impressive experiment works out.