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The Questionable Authority (apt name for this one!) ponders a disturbing report from the Times of London.


  1. #1 bensmyson
    February 9, 2009

    Was anyone paid to debunk Wakefield? Do you get money to write articles for newspapers?

    Anyone know what, if anything, this has to do with the fact that there is an increase in the number of children suffering brain injuries and in a few cases death, immediately after receiving the MMR,MMRV and HepB vaccines? Did Dr. Wakefield create this epidemic?

    I never heard of Wakefield prior to my son’s brain swelling up after his ProQuad, MMRV. (BTW, ProQuad was removed from the market the same month my son got his jab) Am I imaging the GI problems, the loss of speech, all the classical autistic like symptoms that resulted immediately after his vaccines?

    Any idea if these vaccines’ manufacturers are required to mention the possible brain damage or injury as a result of the administration of these vaccines to children? If so, did the FDA require the manufacturer to do so based on Wakefield’s study? OR did they do their own study?

    What percentage of children vaccinated are 100% safe from the disease? (chicken pox vaccine is 87% effective

    If you read the Deer report you’ll know he himself found that one out of the 12 children in the Wakefield study had regressed into exhibiting symptoms of autism immediately after receiving the MMR.

    Deer said in his article, “Although the research paper claimed that problems came on within days of the jab, in only one case did medical records suggest this was true, and in many of the cases medical concerns had been raised before the children were vaccinated.”

    That’s one out of 12. Should parents be fed that ALL VACCINES ARE SAFE when they are not? Come on, one out of twelve regressed into autism or so Deer said.

  2. #2 llewelly
    February 9, 2009

    Was anyone paid to debunk Wakefield? Do you get money to write articles for newspapers?

    Why would Big Pharma bother with paid stooges when they have black helicopters equipped with mind control devices?

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