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By Alex Rowan. This is lovely. Do the full screen, HD if you’ve got it. The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

The shepherds responsible for the sheep art I featured earlier (i.e., Sheep + LEDs – Mona Lisa, Fireworks, etc.”) explain how it was done. Via the BBC:

Were the makers of that sheepherding-art video I put in an earlier post (and further below in this post as well) pulling the wool over our eyes? Can you really get sheep to do that stuff? My sister Ann, who sent me the link to start with and who has spent some time training sheepdogs…

Who knew? You take a bunch of sheep, put LEDs on them, choreograph via sheepdogs: you can paint! I’m not fully convinced they’re playing straight all the way through, but this is good entertainment regardless. HT: My sister the sheepherder.

Emma Livingston’s photos

I find these photos by Emma Livingstone — onen of 30 photographers singled out in a recent “rising photographer” story (hat tip: Kottke) — especially fetching. Many more at her well-designed site. Among other charms, they bring to mind the painting of Gerhard Richter: September 11

The Nieman Journalism Lab has a nice round-up of some beautifully informative and often luscious work that “visualizes” news — that is, turns news trends (and the social concerns and changes they document) into visual representations of data, like changing maps, splats of paint, or — a favorite — a simple needle meter. For example:…

Alice pops out of the looking glass

Always nice when a scene just jumps off the page. Alice’s tea party Birds of the open forest dawn Artist is Su Blackwell, whose site has a whole gallery of such enchantment. Hat tip to my better half, Alice, who likes a) good art, b) cut-outs, and c) the Alice pictured.