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If nothing else, this points out the need to clarify what “past 5 years” means in declaring history of possible conflicts of interest. 5 years before publication — or research and writing? Presumably there’s a difference, if we’re specifyng a time frame anyway

Philip Dawdy takes a interesting look at a new study of the safety of placebo arms in clinical trials of antidepressants in teens. My own quick scan of the study [which Dawdy makes available as pdf download] suggests it’s full of great nuggets. Its take-home: Placebo treatments produced remission rates of 48%, while the rate…

In response to my post on himself, the NY Times, Zyprexa, Infinite Mind, etc.

I stirred some ire last week when I asserted that the Times (for — disclosure dept — whom I sometimes write) and similar mainstream papers offer a public good through their unique combination of a) access to information and 2) clout with the public and government. Several readers took me to task (see the comments…