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Where the flu’s at

In his morning news roundup at Slate today, Daniel Politi hits what seems to me — this morning, anyway — about the right tone, which is that the events of the last 24 hours are encouraging. (Though I wouldn’t throw out those flu masks just yet.)

Via emails, comments, and so on, quite a few people offered their own explanations for why mortality might be higher in Mexico (as of yesterday), the subject of my Slate piece. First, though, a correction: I punched my numbers a bit too quickly in computing the flue’s hypothetical kill ratios in Mexico, and had everything…

Swine flu and the Mexico mystery

“Swine Flu and the Mexico Mystery,” my story on the swine-flu outbreak, is up at Slate. It looks at a question hotly pursued right now: Why does this flu seem to take a much deadlier course in Mexico than elsewhere so far? The answers will suggest much about what’s to come. Of the two two…