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Forgive my recent blogopause. i was fishing, and then traveling, and then writing rather head-down intensely — all activities I have trouble mixing with blogging and social media such as Twitter, which I’ve also left idle these last days. So what gives with all that? I often find it awkward to switch between blogging or…

Emotional Cartography

Leave it to Vaughn Bell to find this stuff: emotional maps of different cities. Got to get a hold of this — and as Vaughn explains, you and I can, with free download. (But leave the author some $. It’s the right thing to do.) Nold came up with the idea of fusing a GSR…

Two hacks at self-castration

In Predicting the determined self-castrator Vaughn Bell links and looks at a surprising study looking at psychological attributes that predict which castration enthusiasts who will actually go on to remove their own testicles, in contrast to those who just fantasise about it. That’s as far as I got; I couldn’t summon the strength to read…

Back from a vegetative state

FromMind Hacks: We’ve reported before on brain imaging research that shows brain activity in those in a ‘persistent vegetative state’. What I didn’t know until today was that one subject in this research, Kate, has since woken up. This YouTube video tells Kate’s story: Sometimes firm ground proves to be slippery.