Sunday’s Silly Science Roundup

A collection of scientific findings that make you go “duh”–or simply “huh?”

It’s been a banner week for sociologists people:

Penn State’s Beth Montemurro, assistant professor of sociology, has accomplished something no one thought possible: she’s turned watching stupid television into a respectable profession. After extensive “research,” Montemurro has established beyond a shadow of a doubt that ‘Bachelorette’ viewers aren’t seeking reality.

In other news, Sociologist Scott Yabiku of Arizona State University has “discovered” that “Lawns Make People Chatty.” (Someone needs to check and see if this guy has ties to the landscaping industry.)

And, finally, Thomas Baker, of York University (in what I imagine must be a prime example of the old axiom “research is me-search”) tells us that:

An ability to be open to new situations may predict intelligence earlier in life, but disagreeableness may predict intelligence later in life.

(From Personality Predictors Of Intelligence Change From Younger To Older Adulthood)