Silly Science Sunday

There are two kinds of silly science, folks. There’s good silly science, exemplified this week by three high school kids who got together and decided the best way to fulfill their AP Psychology requirement was to rejigger a Britney Spears’ video so it looked like she was singing a ballad about the occipital lobe.

And then there’s bad silly science. This week’s winner in the bad silly science category? Brian Witcombe, a British radiologist, who burned through some of the tax payers hardearned cash to deliver this stunning revelation:

Sword swallowers run a higher risk of injury when they are distracted or adding embellishments to their performance.

Ummm, yeah.


  1. #1 chezjake
    February 18, 2007

    I think that swordswallower piece deserves a nomination for an igNobel Prize.

  2. #2 coturnixc
    February 18, 2007

    I am willing to bet a dollar that it WILL get the next year’s IgNobel.

  3. #3 Organic Chemistry
    April 9, 2007

    I agree with the guys above.

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