For sale on eBay: A nuclear missile base


The former Larsen Air Force Base Complex 1A Titan ICBM Facility is listed on eBay.

The facility comes complete with 16 underground buildings, including three 160 ft. tall missile silos, three 4-storey terminal equipment buildings, two antenna silos and a 100 ft. diameter control dome building. That amounts to 45,000 square feet of useable space, excluding tunnels.

The facility is situated on a 57-acre site in Central Washington, between Moses Lake and Ricksville – that’s just 10 minutes away from Interstate 90. It could be yours for a mere $1.5m. (A downpayment of $300,000 is required.)

(Via Gizmodo)


  1. #1 Homie Bear
    September 29, 2007

    That might be useful for some private space agencies, companies and people competing for various space-prizes. I doubt it still has any functioning electronics left but still, it would be cool. Sort of like a Batcave.

  2. #2 MiladyDoyle
    September 29, 2007

    Great place to have your own Omega Man Lifestyle…. SWEET! LOL!

  3. #3 Jason C.
    September 29, 2007

    I saw something like this a few years ago. A couple bought an old silo complex that was up for sale and converted it into living quarters. They had pictures as well…you’d be surprised how well it looked.

    I think it would be cool to renovate a place like this. So many possibilities.

  4. #4 coturnix
    September 29, 2007

    Now all I need is 1.5 mil and that puppy will be al lmine! Bwahahahaah! Oh how much I’d love to have that and fix it all up and get some smart scientists there to do cool stuff!

  5. #5 DuWayne
    September 30, 2007

    That would be such a sweet place. Being a huge fan of the notion of multi-generational, interstellar colony ships, this would make a great location for experimental development of systems that would be required for such. Even that aside, it would be an awesome location for building a self-sufficient living space.

    Depending on the geological characteristics of the site (mainly underground water sources), it could be possible to go off-grid and, err, I’m really not a nut. I just have a very active imagination and love sci-fi. I am really intrigued by the notion of self-sufficient systems. Alas, I haven’t got 1.5 million sitting around. But if I did, I can think of all sorts of things that one could do with that space. . .

  6. #6 bioephemera
    September 30, 2007

    As a native Washingtonian I can promise you that’s a pretty nasty place to live. It’s arid, windy, far from trees/mountains, and equally far from civilization. But if you want to fix up an underground bunker and never come out of it, go for it. . . tho before committing, you might look into buying a survivalist/separatist bunker in the scenic mountains of Idaho – it would be smaller, but with skiing, and a much more interesting view.

  7. #7 PREACHER
    September 13, 2009

    If you wanted to set up your on kindom, iit would have to be small, then go for it.

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