Modern art, circa 9000 BC


This wall painting was discovered by a team of French archaeologists working at Djade al-Mughara, a Neolithic site in Northern Syria.

The red, black and white painting measures 2 square meters, and has been dated to around 9,000 BC (making it the oldest known wall painting). Team leader Eric Coqueugniot says, “It looks like a modernist painting. Some of those who saw it have likened it to work by (Paul) Klee.”


  1. #1 J-Dog
    October 11, 2007

    Is it art, or an alphabet, or a sign advertising Regular Unleaded at $.09, with a free car-wash with fillup?

    Intersting as hell regardless…

  2. #2 Emrah
    October 11, 2007

    Cuz they were trippin’ on shroomz ;p

  3. #3 thebluestbutterfly
    October 12, 2007

    There is another painting next to it that will be excavated at a later date. This will be interesting.

  4. #4 Andree
    October 12, 2007

    Interesting. Use of geometry and different colors pigments. Design of an exterior of a house(?). Guess, great way to diversify each other

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