Mapping the memory landscape


This is an installation by New York-based artist Janice Caswell, called Competitive Races: The View from the Netroots.

My drawings and installations represent mental maps, an investigation of the mind’s peculiar ways of organizing memories. I attempt to trace the edges of recalled experience, plotting the movement of bodies and consciousness through time and space.

This work arises out of a desire to capture experience, an impulse to locate, arrange and secure the past. I use a pared-down, coded language through which points, lines and fields of color define spaces and retell narratives, making memories concrete.

But memory is a flawed system. Gaps arise in the process of recollecting and the mind is constantly reconfiguring and recreating the past. My work embraces the mind’s faulty processes. In drawing my “maps,” subjective decision making, human error and reevaluation come into play. The result is a representation that is simultaneously deliberate and vague.

In attempting to create a system for representing experience, the pieces become dynamic records of memory itself in the act of recreating what would otherwise be lost.

(Via Information Aesthetics)


  1. #1 carolyn13
    October 12, 2007

    These are interesting works conceptually, but I’m not too fond of the execution. I preferred the Klee like cave painting.(Did you know that Klee originally thought of color as mere decoration to form and then went on to teach color theory? I’d like to capture that kind of evolution in thinking visually.)

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