David Chalmers, a professor of philosophy at the Australian National University and director of the Center for Consciousness, has just announced the launch of MindPapers, an online database of papers about the philosophy of mind.

The database is very comprehensive indeed – it includes about 18,000 published and online papers, subdivided into sections such as the philosophy of neuroscience, perception, synaesthesia, language and thought and vegetative states, coma and the minimally conscious state (which are disorders of consciousness).


  1. #1 Anibal
    October 25, 2007

    Itīs amazing the managerial and compilling skills of Professor Chalmers. In the goal to disseminate knowledge at free disposal for the benefit of all, i think he was the first within the philosophical (plus science) community to create a very useful database with articles.

  2. #2 Labinot Marku
    October 25, 2007

    Thank you very much for the useful information. It is realy a huge pice of work.

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