2007 Weblog Award finalists

The 2007 Weblog Award finalists have just been announced, but for some reason, the list does not include links to the blogs. So here are the finalists in the Best Science Blogs category:


  1. #1 Coturnix
    November 1, 2007

    Interesting list….as are the other lists…
    Also, Orac is in the Medical category.

  2. #2 Hannity
    November 1, 2007

    And the junk science site is listed here as a contender. Makes one wonder if the prize is worth having if lunatics are allowed to compete too. Here are some of the salient aspects of this site from To whit – the site’s creator is just another random industry whore paid to shill for the petromafia.

    Steven J. Milloy is a columnist for Fox News and a paid advocate for Phillip Morris, ExxonMobil and other corporations. From the 1990s until the end of 2005, he was an adjunct scholar at the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute.

  3. #3 MarkH
    November 1, 2007

    Milloy is a crank and a junk scientist. His website name is oddly appropriate. Climate Audit is another junkscience site, run by McIntyre of “I corrected a climate record therefore all climate science is wrong” fame.

    I can not believe either of these is in consideration, if you ask me the award is meaningless.

  4. #4 MrPete
    November 3, 2007

    Steve McIntyre and Climate Audit are promoting far more serious science than you can imagine. Read his postings before you judge. He simply wants to see proper scientific methods used: proper data collection, documentation, selection, analysis, and data availability. I.e., show your work, and do it right.

    It ain’t happening, folks. Anyone who cares about GOOD science should be supportive of ClimateAudit’s work. This is not about politics, it’s about good science!

  5. #5 BrianR
    November 4, 2007

    Some of the comments and commenters at Climate Audit get pretty old after a while, but I wouldn’t put McIntyre in the same category as Milloy…that guy is a complete crank and he knows it. In fact, he plays off of it. Calling his site junkscience is classic doublespeak…diabolical.

    Some of these blogs cover hot-button scientifcally-related issues…something that makes for sensational reading (i.e., PZ’s posts)…this competition is a popularity contest. I’m sure the PZ’s and McIntyre’s loyalists are voting as much as is technically possible. When they win…then what?

  6. #6 David Bradley
    November 7, 2007

    The awards voting page seems to be getting hammered by traffic at the moment, but if you don’t want to vote for junk science, please check out Sciencebase as a contender



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