Open Lab 2007


At A Blog Around the Clock, Bora has announced the posts that will be published in Open Lab 2007, the forthcoming second annual anthology of the best science blogging of last year.

Of the 486 submitted entries, just 50 have made it into the book, and I’m pleased to say that one of them is written by me. It’s one of the last posts from my old blog, and I’m currently re-reading it to weed out any errors before it is formatted for the book.

I won’t link to the post just yet, as I’m currently extending it slightly for the book, because I think the original ends a bit abruptly. I’ll post the extended version here soon when I’ve finished it, but you can, of course, go to Bora’s blog and find out which one it is.

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you might recall that another of my posts, called The Discovery of the Neuron, was included in the first Open Laboratory, which was published around this time last year.

As with the first book, Open Lab 2007, which this time is edited by Reed Cartwright, will be published in time for the Science Blogging Conference on Saturday, 19th January, and will be available for purchase from various retailers, including Meanwhile, you can peruse the contents at Bora’s blog.

Many thanks to all involved in producing the book, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!