Paris Hilton has a brain?

My broadband connection was down for the whole day yesterday, so I was unable to link to the latest edition of Encephalon, which is now up at Of Two Minds and is, apparently, hosted by none other than Paris Hilton.

As usual, this edition includes some fantastic entries from some of the best neuroscience and psychology blogs on the web. I especially like the Neurocritic’s short discussion about the practice in eastern countries of using the odour of smelly shoes to control epileptic seizures, and Jennifer’s post about Rita Levi-Montalchini’s discovery of nerve growth factor (NGF) and the role of neurotrophins in depression.

Go and check out Encephalon 42 – it’s HAWT!


  1. #1 Fatimah Berdahl
    May 13, 2010

    Looking at this latest interview of Paris Hilton by Letterman, I do think he made himself come across stupid a lot more than he did Paris. He only seemed to be getting second-rate laughs at her cost.

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