EMBL NeuroSchool

From my inbox:

First Interdisciplinary NeuroSchool of the European Neuroscience and Society Network,

EMBL, Monterotondo (Rome)

Sept. 28th-Oct. 5th

We are pleased to invite applications to the first interdisciplinary ‘NeuroSchool’ of the European Neuroscience and Society Network, a five year programme involving leading neuroscientists and social scientists from eleven European countries in collaborative research and debate. The aim of the school is to foster learning in a interdisciplinary symmetrical environment. It is intended for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows engaged in neuroscience research or in historical or social studies of neuroscience. The topic of this year’s NeuroSchool is behavioural genetics. Together, we will critically assess the current methodologies of experimentation in this branch of research and will discuss its implications in the context of contemporary society. Lectures will cover the history of behavioural genetics, the latest scientific evidence in the field, as well as the history and sociology of psychotropic drugs.

According to the email, which is from Caitlin Connors, a coordinator of the ENSN program at the London School of Economics, participants will have all their expenses repaid. So presumably, that would include a return ticket to Rome plus one week in a hotel.

I might apply


  1. #1 Caitlin
    April 6, 2008

    Many thanks for posting this! It promises to be a fantastic event – and yes, all travel and accommodation expenses are covered by the European Science Foundation.

    All best,

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