Four years ago this week, leading neuroscientists and psychologists convened at Columbia University for the Brain and Mind Symposium, “to discuss the accomplishments and limitations of reductionist and holistic approaches to examining the nervous system and mental functions”.

Speakers included the Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel, developmental neurobiologist Thomas Jessell, who heads Columbia’s new neuroscience research centre, and pioneering child psychiatrist Michael Rutter, whose reassessment of John Bowlby’s theory of maternal deprivation proved highly influential.

On the Columbia University website, there’s a video archive which includes 15 of the talks given at the symposium, including those by Kandel, Jessell and Rutter, who discuss, respectively, the storage and persistence of memory, the assembly of neural circuitry in the developing spinal cord, and neurodevelopmental disorders.


  1. #1 Debbie
    May 26, 2008

    Looks like an interesting symposium but note that the year there is 2004….

  2. #2 Mo
    May 26, 2008

    Yeah…I figured out it wasn’t this year, but hadn’t edited the post.

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