Neuroscience blogs

A few neuroscience blogs I’ve come across recently, most of them new:


  1. #1 Dr Shock
    August 6, 2008

    Very honored to be on your list of neuroscience blogs. As a psychiatrist neuroscience is part of my interest and research and I hope my posts on this subject will be of interest for many readers. Since I am an amateur in this field I hope to explain the neuroscience especially in relation to behavior and psychiatry as readable as possible, thanks and regards,
    Dr Shock

  2. #2 Vanya
    August 7, 2008

    Thanks for the shout-out!
    -Vanya from Frontal Blogotomy

  3. #3 Hesitant Iconoclast
    August 8, 2008

    Same here, thanks for the mention of NeuroWhoa. I read your blog often and admire it a lot.

  4. #4 Cian
    August 24, 2008

    Thanks for the nod to Neuronism! I think my hit count that day went to something like 5 times the previous record. That’s the kind of impact your site has – and it’s well deserved. Keep up the great work.

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