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Encephalon 54

Welcome to the 54th edition of Encephalon, the neuroscience and psychology blog carnival. This edition has everything from the perception of colour and shapes to behavioural economics, the neuroscience of sports and squabbling psychologists. First up is the editor’s choice: an in-depth review of the evolution of modularity in the brain by Caio Maximino. A…

Encephalon 52 online now

Encephalon 52 is online now at Ouroboros, and includes entries about grandmother cells, the neurobiology of sleep and the use of transcranial direct current stimulation to improve bad driving.

Encephalon Haiku edition

The 51st edition of Encephalon is online now at The Mouse Trap. This time, host Sandeep has interspersed the entries with haikus about the mind and brain.

Encephalon 50

The 50th edition of Encephalon is now online at SharpBrains. It includes entries about the path planning by hippocampal place cells, the role of calcium ion homeostasis in Alzheimer’s Disease and the potential applications of transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Encephalon 49

The 49th edition of Encephalon, which is online now at Neuroscientifically Challenged, includes entries on the limitations of the use of gene therapy for psychiatric disorders, the sensationalization of neuroimaging data by the mass media, and how the relationship between music and movement is manifested in the drumming that accompanies Sudanese martial arts demonstrations.

Encephalon 48

At the Neuroanthropology blog, Daniel rounds up the usual suspects of neuroscience and psychology bloggers for the 48th edition of Encephalon. This time, the carnival includes entries on everything from visual illusions and the neurobiology of language evolution, to the ethnography of Second Life and a new study which purports to show that mirror neurons…

Encephalon 47 online now

At Channel N, Sandra has compiled a fantastic 47th edition of Encephalon. There are, as usual, many blog posts about a wide variety of topics neuroscience and psychology. This edition also includes no less than 7 film clips, including one which contains footage of Albert Bandura’s classic ‘Bobo Doll experiment’, in which the effect on…

Gene Genie 33

Logo by Ricardo at My Biotech Life Welcome to the 33rd edition of Gene Genie, the blog carnival devoted to genes and genetic diseases. In this edition, there is a strong emphasis on cancer. There’s also a focus on leukodystrophy, and a special section on personalized genetics.

Encephalon 45/46

Encephalon 46 is now online at The Neurocritic’s blog, and contains lots of fantastic neuroscience blogging, including posts on Senator Ted Kennedy’s brain tumour, phantom supernumery limbs, and anti-drug vaccines. The previous edition, at PodBlack Blog, also contains plenty of good reading material; I didn’t link to it at the time as I was still…


My exams begin on Friday, so things are going to be pretty quite around here until around mid-May. I will post various bits and pieces over the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, here are some interesting links that I’ve found recently: In the New York Times Magazine, Gary Marcus discusses the possibility…