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Neuro blogs

Six more new ones: Encefalus Missives from the Frontal Lobe Neuromics NeoCorTEXT Neurospeculation Nothing’s Shocking Plastic, Elastic, the PFC

Neuroscience blogs

A few neuroscience blogs I’ve come across recently, most of them new: V1 Dr. Shock Frontal Blogotomy Neuronism NeuroTechnica NeuroWhoa! Persistent Activity

The neuroscience of itching

The forthcoming issue of The New Yorker contains a fantastic article by surgeon and writer Atul Gawande about the neurobiology of itching. The article begins with the extraordinary case of a patient known as M., whose itch, which occurred following an episode of shingles, became so unbearable that one morning she awoke to find that…

New neuro blogs

Here are some more new members of the ever-growing online neuroscience community: The Brain and the Sky Illusion Sciences N-Cog-Neato! Neurophilia Neurotonics

Psychology Today blog network

The bi-monthly American magazine Psychology Today has launched a network of blogs covering a wide variety of topics, including addiction, cognitive science, sports psychology and psychotherapy.  The network contains more than 80 blogs, many of which are written by researchers who are prominent in their respective fields. I haven’t had a look at all of…

Neuro blogs

Some old, some new: The Reflection of Light Psychedelic Research Brain Stimulant Brain Mind & Society NeuroScene Neurodisorder Neurotonics The Neuroprotective Lifestyle Giovanna Di Sauro The Cortical Column Neurology Minutiae


My exams begin on Friday, so things are going to be pretty quite around here until around mid-May. I will post various bits and pieces over the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, here are some interesting links that I’ve found recently: In the New York Times Magazine, Gary Marcus discusses the possibility…

New neuroscience blogs

Here are a number of new neuroscience blogs that I’ve come across recently: Neuropathology Blog – by Brian E. Moore, an assistant professor in the Department of Pathology at Southern Illinois University’s School of Medicine. This is a welcome addition to the blogosphere, as neuropathology is a dying art (if you’ll excuse the pun). Neuroanthropology…

Oliver Sacks blogging at the NY Times

A few days ago, I briefly discussed the article by Oliver Sacks about geometric hallucinations in migraine aura. I thought that it was published in the print edition of the New York Times, but it turns out that this is in fact Sacks’s first post on a new NY Times blog called Migraine: Perspectives on…

Bioephemera et al

I’m very pleased to announce that Bioephemera has just moved to ScienceBlogs. This fantastic blog is a curiosity box of wonderful things, such as this nineteenth century wax anatomical model by Clemente Susini, of a man’s head and neck, which shows the brain’s superficial blood vessels and the branches of the trigeminal and hypoglossal nerves.…