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Language evolution & science literacy

Just posted on the Seed website is an article about the evolution of language by Juan Uriageraka, from the October issue of Seed Magazine. Most of the article concerns the role of the FoxP2 gene in the brains of songbirds. (I discussed this gene earlier in the week in my post about echolocation.) Also on…

Free online neuroscience vids

The website has a large collection of video teaching modules for high school, college and adult students, including modules on the brain and mind. The Brain module has 32 film clips, ranging in length from 5-20 minutes. They include films about Phineas Gage, the visual system, sensori-motor integration, the role of synaptic plasticity in…

3D reconstruction of the presynaptic terminal

This 3D reconstruction of the presynaptic terminal show the nuts and bolts of intercellular communication in the nervous system. They were generated by Siksou et al, from serial electron micrographs of neurons from the rat hippocampus. The blue spheres are synaptic vesicles containing neurotransmitter molecules. They are docked at the presynaptic membrane (white). The arrival…

Two new ScienceBloggers

ScienceBlogs has two new additions: On Being A Scientist and a Woman and A Few Things Ill Considered.

The death of history

More on the cultural destruction of Iraq, or, as Robert Fisk calls it in this article from The Independent, the death of history.

Essential A-Level psychology resources

Christian Jarrett has posted an excellent collection of resources for students and teachers of A-Level psychology. Christian’s post includes links to PDFs of key papers in cognitive, developmental, biological and social psychology, including a classic 1968 paper from American Psychologist, called Hemisphere deconnection and unity in consciousness, in which the Nobel Prize-winning neurobiologist Roger W.…

Bird brains

The Boston Globe has a nice article about the cognitive abilities of birds, by Seed Magazine editor-at-large Jonah Lehrer. There’s a remarkable similarity between a passage from Jonah’s article and something I wrote about the same subject. On page 2 of his article, Jonah writes: For most of the 20th century, “bird brain” has been…

60-Second Psych

From my inbox: Scientific recently launched a brand new podcast called 60-Second Psych, which runs every Thursday for a one-minute commentary on the latest studies in brain and behavior…Though only a couple of episodes old, this podcast is already the #2 ranked podcast on Apple iTunes in the Science and Medicine category.

Confusion over SSRIs and suicide

The New York Times reports that the findings of a study published last week in the American Journal of Psychiatry, which links a drop in the use of specific serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs, e.g. Prozac) to an increase in the numbers of teenage suicide, are being disputed.

Worms, brains & chips

Recently, I’ve written a couple of posts about the use of microfluidics-based devices in neurobiology research. First, I wrote about microfluidics chips for imaging neuronal activity and behaviour in the nematode worm, and then about chips for culturing neurons.  Today, Technology Review has an article about the use of this technology in developing drug treatments…