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Just a reminder that the first edition of The Synapse should be up and running soon!

Live in the DC Metro area? Support evolution education? Come to a public meeting of the Alliance for Science on Wednesday!!!

A good science teacher?

If I had to decide what makes a good science teacher, it would be the ability to demonstrate how experiments fit into the proverbial “scheme of things”. Nothing kills interest in science faster than 1. not being able to accurately relay the structure of the big picture and 2. just tossing a bunch of apparently…

I did my Ph.D. using monkeys as a model system, and as such I have quite an affinity for the little buggers. They may not be cute, they may not smell good, and they’re definitely not cuddly, but they’re completely endearing due to their penchant for outsmarting their H. sapiens bretheren. Unfortunately, not even an…


Yeah, and what’s with the US soccer announcers on ABC/ESPN? Are they all Landon Donovan nut-huggers? Their annoying solution to EVERY problem the US faces is some splice variant of “Landon Donovan needs to step up”. Got news for you idiots: Donovan isn’t the whole goddamn team. Hell, he’s not even the team captain, so…

Game Time

The fate of the US in the Cup will be decided very soon, with 2 games I CAN’T WATCH. AAAAAAAHHH! Our only hope, as I see it, is attack, attack, attack. Pound the ball at the goal. Don’t give their goalie a chance to recover. Don’t give them ANY chance to move the ball to…

A recent study of 20,000 children confirmed that smoking just isn’t good for kids. I don’t know why this should come as a surprise to anybody, but I thought I should post it just in case….

Donor Challenge—keep it up!!!

My dad just emailed me and told me he’ll match the next $100 of contributions, so make sure you click the icon under my profile and donate!!!

US draws with Italy

Wow, that was a nail biting miracle. The US held off a penalty card massacre and a tough Italian team to draw 1-1 with only 9 players on the field. The drawback? Read on….

Great news!!!! SEED is going to match our Donor challenge up to $10,000 bucks!!! So click the Donor icon below my profile and give some love to a cash-strapped classroom or school! If nothing tickles your fancy, scroll through the other SEED bloggers’ challenges and find something that you like!!