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Encephalon #13

Welcome to Encephalon # 13!!!! Unlucky though it may be, we’re up and running (and better late than never). I have to apologize to Encephalon readers, I’ve been trying to deal with my position being on the chopping block out of the blue. Yes, Virginia, the government doesn’t offer job security either. The next edition…

I was going to comment on the whole Women/Scifi/Brown people argument going on in other areas of this blog, but since the culprit said it better than I ever could have, I’ll just let his words speak for me. (Emphasis mine). Now, does this surprise many of the readers of this weblog??? Ed was implying…

New Edition of Encephalon later today!

Got a bunch of work to finish up and I’ll get to posting it this afternoon. Keep your eyes peeled. Next one won’t be for almost a month so there’s no rush!

Looks like, once again, when somebody bothers to crunch the numbers those flimsy justifications for abstinence-only programs are found lacking.