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Some people have been noticing erratic behavior from republican nominee John McCain lately. His most recent seems to be slight, but rather odd. Specifically, he appears to have developed ptosis— a drooping eyelid— which could of course be related to any number of causes, from an autoimmune attack on cholinergic receptors such as that seen…

Checking in (out?)

The downside of this semester is that I am dog tired. Having 3 classes with exams all at once wasn’t a good idea when I still have to work 40+ a week. I haven’t had a day off in weeks. On the upside, I can afford to get the room reshingled. If the damn roofers…

Charging women for their own rape kits?

This is one of those things I simply can’t fathom. How does a woman pretend to be pro-women and then charge other women for basic forensic services following a rape? She justifies it as necessary to cut taxes. Which begs the question: how much of a tax burden did sex crimes place on the town…

Neurotopia takes a coblogger

In a bit of a shift, I’ve decided to take a co-blogger. I’m up to my ears in work and whatnot so I think it would be worthwhile to have another voice here. Look for the official introduction in the next couple days!!!!

“Hoosiers for the Hot Chick”

McCain is bitching about supposed sexism from Democrats when this is what is being worn by Indiana delegates at the RNC? What a bunch of bullshit. By the way, ignore my previous post. That was IRONY, dammit 🙂

This is so many degrees of wrong. Start your “so this is how Palin got the job” jokes if you want, but please remember that HER DAUGHTER IS IN THE FREAKIN’ PICTURE TOO YOU SICK BASTARDS.