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The Alliance for Science, in an effort to further dialogue between the science, religious,and business communities, is committed to bringing in a diverse network of speakers to its public meetings in the DC Metro area. Last year we had Dr. Peter Folger from the American Geophysical Union, Reverend Henry Green, ScienceBlog’s own Chris Mooney, NCSE’s…

Francis Collins is Confused

I just don’t get it. On one hand, Francis Collins is clearly a bright guy and an established researcher. He headed the Human Genome Project, for cryin’ out loud. He’s an evangelical Christian, which I personally don’t care about one way or the other, as long as his beliefs remain his personal beliefs. An article…

Upcoming Kansas B.O.E. Election

A new website in the fight against the ID movement’s attempted takeover of the Kansas state science standards. Check it out. Nick Matzke has more here.

Live in the DC Metro area? Support evolution education? Come to a public meeting of the Alliance for Science on Wednesday!!!

The ScienceBlogs/DonorsChoose raise-money-to-help-science-classrooms-a-thon! Those of us who blog here at ScienceBlogs think science is cool, important, and worth understanding. If you’re reading the blogs here, chances are you feel the same way. A lot of us fell in love with science because of early experiences in school — teachers who made science intriguing, exciting, maybe…

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