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It’s not a good millenium to be a monkey. GENEVA (AFP) – Nearly a third of all non-human primates could be wiped out, threatened by illegal wildlife trade, climate change and destruction of their habitat, a new report warned on Friday. Twenty-nine percent of all monkeys, apes and gorilla species are now in danger of…

The LA Times has an interesting story about a statement regarding the use of bisphenol A, a compound that has many uses in the plastics industry and also happens to have estrogenic effects. The scientists — including four from federal health agencies — reviewed about 700 studies before concluding that people are exposed to levels…

Looks like yet another interesting toxin was found, this time in a venomous snail. This discovery comes from the lab of an old player in the field, who apparently discovered the conotoxin that is used in Prialt.

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