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SchadenFriday: James Dobson

Maybe we should call this one SchadenThankFuckingChrist. It appears that Dobson’s influence has been steadily falling off. The ministry apparently has been “flat” for some time. For example, in 1994 Dobson’s monthly newsletter had a circulation of 2.4 million copies. Today, that circulation is about 1.1 million. Also, in the 1990s, Dobson was drawing audiences…

SchadenFriday Campaign Edition

Looks like, once again, when somebody bothers to crunch the numbers those flimsy justifications for abstinence-only programs are found lacking.

Looks like creationist paragon of moral fortitude Kent Hovind might be headed to the slammer.

SchadenFriday: Glen Phillips edition

This SchadenFriday goes out to…. me, and my massive life changes. Take it away, Glen. Someone’s in the backyard banging on the door Daddy’s gone away, he’s coming back no more His baby’s curled up on a stranger’s floor Momma’s thinking family dinners weren’t too much to ask for Everybody here’s got a story to…

SchadenFriday: Macaca moron-a

Without a doubt, Senator George Allen’s gift that keeps on giving. Looking over Mr. Sidarth’s numbers in the article, I see further proof that we monkeys are destined to reclaim the planet from you lowly H. sapiens.

SchadenFriday: A tie!

I’m stuck today between gloating over the losses for radical anti-science conservative school board members in Kansas primary elections, and Bill Dembski’s research assistant Joel Borofsky admitting that the Kansas science standards are a stealth attempt to teach ID and not about “teaching the (false) controversy”. Congrats on another successful round, guys. Have fun spinning…

I refuse to see Mel Gibson’s snuff film Passion because I’m pretty sure that Gibson has flipped his lid and I have no desire to see a guy in a rubber suit get flogged for 2 hours. The desire to even make such a movie suggests to me a diseased mind, and it seems like…

SchadenFriday: Ralph Reed

Today’s award goes to Ralph Reed, cherubic ex-leader of the Christian Coalition, who lost his bid to be the Republican nominee for the Lt. Governorship of Georgia this week.

One of my readers (kewl, I have readers!) informed me that Kent Hovind’s lawyer might also be in a bit of legal trouble. It seems that Glen Stoll of Washington state is in a pickle as well. Stoll is Hovind’s lawyer, and has ownership of the embroiled Dinosaur Adventure Land House of Lies creationist theme…