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Creationist Museum

Tangled Bank…. finally!!!!

Welcome to the latest edition of the Tangled Bank! We appear to have a smaller bank than normal this week, perhaps everybody is exhausted after the Valentine’s Day festivities. As for me, well, 2006 ended on an extremely bad series of notes and that has unfortunately spilled over into 2007, but that’s a post for…

New Edition of Encephalon later today!

Got a bunch of work to finish up and I’ll get to posting it this afternoon. Keep your eyes peeled. Next one won’t be for almost a month so there’s no rush!


Great Responsibility

Your results:You are Spider-Man Spider-Man 95% Hulk 85% Superman 80% Green Lantern 80% The Flash 75% Iron Man 60% Supergirl 58% Robin 58% Batman 55% Catwoman 55% Wonder Woman 48% You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky and have great power and responsibility. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

Encephalon #3 is your bitch

We haven’t done enough Neuropimping this week. Go visit Encephalon and get your fill of the best neuro on the net in the last couple weeks. Just remember, cash up front.


Getting a free Ph.D.?

I hate to do it but I gotta take serious issues with some of the things Shelley put forth in her post here.